What is Robotics?

The term robotics was introduced by writer Isaac Asimov in 1950. Robotics is a specialised branch of engineering which deals with the design, construction, operation and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. It begins from the conceptualisation of a robot and is involved in every stage of its design and manufacture. Robotics addresses day to day issues in a scientific manner and aims to solve them through creative thinking.

Why Robotics?

Man has been trying to create machines that operate autonomously since classical times. It is only now that Robotics is becoming a fully fledged field of study. It is useful for not only creating robots but it can also create wonderful teaching aids in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). New technological advances in the field of Robotics are going to make robots an integral and day to day part of our domestics and commercial environment, not to say of its scope in the military.

Robotics Labs

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Robotics Lab is a Lab Setup by WHIZROBO in the Schools, which will be integrated with the a Read More >


WHIZROBO sets up Robotics Clubs in formal CBSE/ICSE schools to create awareness of STEM Education through Robotics. WHIZROBO club has the most adva Read More >


WHIZROBO conducts Workshops in Schools based on the concept of STEM Education through Robotics. The content of the workshop is based on age appropr Read More >


WHIZROBO offers an after school activity program for young minds to engage them to think, create and innovate. WHIZROBO invites students to be a pa Read More >


WHIZROBO offers a wide range of Robotic kits, which can help students, try hands on technology. The kits consist of: structural elements, mechanica Read More >

Robotic Competitions

WHIZROBO provide a platform to students to showcase their talents by participate in National and International Robotics Championships. The contest is mainly divided into two segments:

“Predetermined Task” (40%) and “On-site Task” (60%). The “Predetermined Task” refers to the project tasks that contestants know about in advance of the event. These tasks are relatively difficult, since students will have had time to prepare for them. The “On-site Task” refers to the project tasks that will be revealed on site. There are three projects of different difficulty levels, and students are required to finish the tasks by themselves, on the spot, without coaches’ instruction. This requirement is fundamental to the educational goals of CHAMPIONSHIP because “It is a contest for students, rather than for coaches.

Robotic Competitions


WHIZROBO E-Learning Platform

WHIZROBO E-Learning Platform


WHIZROBO prepares children for 21st century skills which help them to think, create and Innovate. TE

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